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About Us

French Restaurant KAMATSUDA in Azabu Juban.
At KAMATSUDA, we use Japanese ingredients in our own original style,
offering food which brings out the flavor of the ingredients to the fullest.

All our ingredients are grown organically,
leaving untouched the graces provided by nature.
In keeping with the thought of
"that which becomes nourishment for people must itself be healthy",
we stock choice ingredients, mainly from the Noto Peninsula.

We would also like to recommend our delectable food pairings
with wine as well as with tea.
We hope you will leisurely enjoy the beverages
which have been paired with the food of our restaurant.

  • 素材
  • 肉
  • 魚

Ingredients mainly from the Noto Peninsula

In our quest for really good ingredients, we eventually shifted our focus to seasonal produce which has been grown organically in a stress-free environment. We apply these standards to all the produce used in our restaurant. We purchase choice ingredients from all over Japan, mainly from the Noto Peninsula, and create food that brings out their qualities. We hope you will enjoy KAMATSUDA's cuisine, with the taste of pure ingredients brought forth by the land and sea.

Menu Grand Course

¥15,000 (excl. tax)

The Cuisine of KAMATSUDA - Bringing out the innate flavors of ingredients even further by preparing Japanese produce through original techniques. You can enjoy such high-quality cuisine with our Noto Peninsula Course Meal.

At our counter seats, you will be able to observe, from preparation to completion, the process through which the ingredients are transformed by our delicate techniques. The order in which the food is offered is also very important, so please ask the chef to explain his choices regarding the dishes in front of you.

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Enjoying pairing with the dishes

Enjoying pairing with the dishes

We would like you to enjoy KAMATSUDA's cuisine even more. With that in mind, we have prepared food pairing course menus. Beverages carefully selected to suit the ingredients as well as the preparation methods will further augment the innate flavors of the produce. Non-drinkers need not worry, as in addition to wine tea can also be served.



¥15,000(excl. tax)

This course menu allows you to enjoy both our top class cuisine and our superlative wines simultaneously. We hope that you will enjoy the exquisite pairing matches that our chef has confidently made.

¥12,000(excl. tax)

This course menu lets you thoroughly enjoy the cuisine that we at KAMATSUDA are proud of, while being poured small quantities of wine. Please request this menu when you would like to enjoy our restaurant's food pairing at an affordable price.



¥6,800(excl. tax)
Wine is not the only thing that can be paired with our cuisine. Our teas, guaranteed to be pesticide-free, can be paired in a similar way to our food. Non-drinkers and guests who will be driving can select this course menu.

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▶ If you wish to have a counter / table, please fill in the request column. Please note that it may not be available upon request.
▶ Only available for adults and children who can enjoy the same course. (We are not allowed to use preschool children.)
▶ If you can not contact us after 30 minutes of reservation time, we may be forced to treat you as cancellation. If you are late please contact us.
▶ Restaurant reservations are limited to 4 people. When booking more than 5 people, please contact directly to the store.

"Cancellation policy"

▶ As for the cancellation fee of the reservation, we will charge a cancellation fee as follows from the reservation date and time. In case
▶ In addition, this cancellation fee is also applicable for cases where the number of reserved guests / number has decreased.

Cancellation within 48 hours: 50% of the course price
Cancellation within 24 hours: 100% of the course price


Taking the Tokyo Metro Nanboku line or Toei Oedo line, it is 2 minutes on foot from Azabu Juban Station Exit No.4

Restaurant name
B1, Eternity Azabu Juban Bld., 2-14-4 Azabu Juban, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 106-0045
Phone number
Taking the Tokyo Metro Nanboku line or Toei Oedo line, it is 2 minutes on foot from Azabu Juban Station Exit No.4
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Days closed
Credit cards
Total number of seats
19 seats(8 counter seats, 11 table seats *maximum number)
*Table seat can be arranged according to your preference.
Booking for private events
Possible (please consult with us with regard to the number of people)
Parking area
No parking area ( Please use metered parking nearby. )
Separate smoking area (we have a cigar room)
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